New adventures afoot...

New adventures afoot...
where in the world...

Monday, March 23, 2015

Change of Climes

Another season on the ship...done.  Ended really strong with excellent people... Our groove was totally on.  So great to work with folks that made it feel like a damy affair.  Thanks, team!!!

As per usual I don't have many photos on the blog-handy device... But here are a choice few.  Starting off with the singers amongst us...

Karaoke at our bar

And Falkstock in Stanley, Falkland Islands.  A local event that Polar Latitudes helped to crest and sponsors to benefit a local charity helping family members travel to be with critically ill loved ones in the UK.

Some of the crew got out for falkstock!!  It was fun to sing onstage with the boys... It was a great event and we helped raise several thousand dollars for a local charity.  More pics on Facebook, I'll figure out how to share them.

Unwinding after a long day 

This is Salisbury plain, second largest king penguin rookery... Thousands!

Kings just cause they're cool.

Exploring around Prion Island as the ship repositioned... One of the perks of the job!!!

Then finally onshore with good weather, lots of tussock!

Not really much more to show... And now I'm in Buenos Aires!  Figuring out the next plans.  But enjoying the sights of the city.

Botanical garden

Cafe bar in San Telmo

Just kickin around.

Love to all, keep living!
:) jos

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  1. Aw, dang - you make it look like it's actually *fun*. Too much fun. Now I'm all envious again. Thanks so much for sharing these, though - wonderful to see your smiling face and all the amazing places you've covered since you last posted. Hoping I get to make it back to Punta Arenas in June or July for the NBP; will keep you posted!