New adventures afoot...

New adventures afoot...
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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

in the southern ocean again

And just to round out my year of fantastic places, I was offered the chance to return south as a ship-based guide and who could say no?  So here I am, onboard the m/v Plancius with Oceanwide Expeditions.  Here are some images from our previous 20 day trip through the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, and the Antarctic peninsula.  Amazing as ever.  Enjoy... I sure am ;)

I'll leave it to you to figure out which pics belong to each of the three places.... have fun!

And here is a link to the online site where our trip log and other mementos of the trip will be posted, feel free to check it out:

"Fire and Ice" as they say...

ok a quick insight into my quick trip.... after my summer onboard the Serenissima cruising around Scandinavia and the UK, on my way back to the states I organized a way to stopover in Iceland.  Because, why not?!

It was pretty awesome... interestingly it didn't overwhelmingly blow me away, but only because I've been lucky enough already in my life to visit some pretty spectacular places.  The Icelandic landscape is incredibly varied but the country is quite small relatively speaking so you can see so many neat and unfamiliar things in a short span of space and time.  Which is awesome for first-timers, and/or people that haven't traveled much I guess.  For me, around every corner I kept seeing sights that reminded me of Nepal, New Zealand, South Georgia, Bolivia, and even Big Bend!

So it's not that I didn't feel like Iceland was boring or uninteresting, but it was curious that I wasn't as affected emotionally as I thought I'd be.  Perhaps a casualty of seeing and doing so many new things over the past several months.  And also since my trip was so short, I know that I made a very superficial visit as well.  Driving like a banshee around the island in 6 days... not a strategy to really get into the feeling and the energy of a place.  So I am to blame as well, I know there are places I will be blown away by... so I will make sure to spend time there my next visit.

And so.  After that introduction, here are some photos to show the undeniable beauty of the place, regardless of the depth of my connection.  More text later on when I have more time and focus... this is just so get some of the beauty out there.

xox :)

the little campervan i rented... basically a stationwagon with a higher back roof... good work li'l sweetie!