New adventures afoot...

New adventures afoot...
where in the world...

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Tarahumara / Raramuri / Amigos de Korima

Hey out there,

Regarding my Tarahumara connection, check out the following link... one of our Amigos de Korima crew (Mary Lou Saxon aka Mari) put together a great video/slideshow about what we've been doing and what's up next for the project, spotlighting our leader in Korima-- Pilar Pedersen.

Nice work Mari and Pilar!  Looking to head back in early December if we can raise the money.

:) jos

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Situation West Texas

Back home and enjoying a lengthy stay.  Catching up on my research with club cholla aka dog cactus aka dog turd cactus... you know, the stuff that gets stuck to your shoes and you can't ever get rid of it before it gets everywhere?!  That's my study subject.  Ha!

More on that later, especially after I get the write up published... but for now, check out this wonderful video short shot  by David Fenster (no relation but a super fun contact out here in the middle of 'nowhere').  It's the interior world of the herbarium at Sul Ross State University where I became a botanist working under the mentoring eyes of Dr Mike Powell, featured in the video.  The other person in it is Chris Jackson, a grad student at Sul Ross doing some great work with a plant that hadn't been seen in maybe 50 or more years and he rediscovered it on an area ranch.

Really lovely treatment of a place very close to my heart.  Thanks David!