New adventures afoot...

New adventures afoot...
where in the world...

Friday, January 3, 2014

One from the archives?

Aye, dios mio!  Boy has this been a busy couple of months or what?!?!  We're just running all the time, but I've seen some spectacular things.  Between sea days (two on either end of the trip) and landing days (at least two landings per day weather permitting, sometimes three!)... it's all I can do to get enough sleep and keep my brains inside my head :)

Internet is pretty rough on the ship so I haven't been able to do much online, but here are some teasers of what we've been seeing so far.  My first trip down I was lucky enough to have my folks and brother on board which was fantastic!  We headed to the Falklands and South Georgia, before spending a few days around the peninsula area.  So much was seen those three weeks! 

Then I said farewell to them, and headed back (we turnaround in port on the same day, outgoing passengers off at 8am, then we run around the ship preparing for the next group, maybe get a few hours off the ship for a lunch, or shopping, or free internet) then we greet the incoming passengers around 3:30 with fresh smiles and smart uniforms!  No rest for the weary... even less for the ship's crew that take care of all of us!

Have had several 10 day trips to the peninsula and just finished a 15 day "Holidays in the Antarctic" which was fantabulous!  Everything to be seen we saw... breaching whales, calving glaciers, five penguin species, elephant seals, Arctowski research station for Christmas Eve, BBQs on open decks, kayaking 6 times (!!!), celebrating two holidays, absolutely spectacular weather with blue skies and calm seas... it was just about unreal.  And there were even a bunch of Texans on board!  How can it get better than that?  ;)

OK, so here are a few pics to keep you intrigued until next time.  Much love to all and know that I'm thinking about you wherever you (and I) are in the world.  Cheers, and Happy New Year!!!!

Falkland Islands... and plants!  Farewell to them (mostly) for months!

Albatross colony on Westpoint Island, Falklands

King Penguins on South Georgia... no emperors on these trips but the Kings are a great "substitute", just as curious and dang tall!

Fur seals and Kings on South Georgia.  Spectacular.

The family!  What a deal to get to share Antarctica with them.  Thanks for being such troopers and making the trip!!!

Zodiac cruising checking out an active glacier just off of Point/Cape Wild, Elephant Island.  And me in my official guide gear.

No time to fix this orientation, but a zodiac cruise off Point Wild in the brash ice... what a cool sound it makes shussing along the zodiac sides... sort of like the grit in the Rio Grande against a canoe... sort of!  :)

The gentlemen (some of them) of Arctowski, the Polish research station on King George Island.  The most welcoming, friendly, and handsome group of folks we've encountered on our travels.  Thanks guys for hosting us on Christmas Eve Day!

Hero shots, me being happy on ice...

Me being happy with more ice, and penguins!

And penguins (Gentoo),


And more penguins. 

It's a good time down here!!! 


  1. Happy New Year Darlin'...loved your pix and seems surreal that I was THERE - that was ME in your pix!!!! Glad to have done it & double glad to be home again. Delighted for all your good experiences - may they keep racking up on the plus side. XXOO Mom

  2. OH my, oh my, oh my - it looks absolutely amazing!

    All the best for 2014, Jos :)

    1. Thanks for checking in, Dani, all the best to you and yours too! :)

  3. Hi Jos! Did you know my frisbee team this past summer was called Los Penguinos???? Love them! Glad to see you are doing so well! Love, swabba

    1. Nice... did you "freeze out" your competition? haha. Hope you're warm and cozy at home... have heard it's been a hard winter! Hang in there... :)