New adventures afoot...

New adventures afoot...
where in the world...

Monday, October 22, 2012

The sun is up and it's time to go!  Spring has sprung and it's crazy time, getting ready for the influx of new folks and packing up to end our stay.  Tonight is the final harvest of greenhouse produce, it's looking so good in there it'll be sad to see it all go.

A final view of the chamber before we eat it all!  Aren't he orange nasturtiams (left in photo) awesome!  The flowers taste so good...

Some final touches for the greenhouse, an awesome painting by Mel Ordway-Cook, one of our chefs.  It'll add much needed color outside of the greenhouse, directly across the hallway.

Hope to post some photos of The Last Harvest and related festivities.  The last Farmer's Market will be this Friday, maybe even after our first summer crew arrives... they won't get to see the greenhouse in action, but they'll get to enjoy the fruits of the labor.

One more cool thing, have done a couple of Skype sessions with schools back in the states-- talking about hydroponics, what we grow here, and of course about how cold it is outside.  We're growing pretty much the same things that the Alpine Middle School is growing in Alpine, Texas.  Can't wait to see their school garden in person!

Hope to post more info about the greenhouse in coming days but for now there's a link to the right that has some basic info about the chamber and the systems used to grow the plants.  Cheers!


  1. Yay - you made it through winter! Who knows - some day I may be ready to try a winter. Not yet, though.

    BTW: an old friend of mine, Barry Hayes, got the last-minute call to be helpdesk this year. I'd be grateful if you could give him a friendly howdy? He's been repeatedly warned to give the winterovers a wide berth; I'd love to disabuse him of this notion just a little.

    (ps: Nastutiums - yum! I planted them in our garden for the first time this year. The flowers are tasty, but I've grown addicted to the spicy little pods.)

  2. Jos - Very excited for you :) Thanks for the e-mail - and attachment - brilliant!

    I've been inspired by what you have achieved under very trying circumstances - well done.

    Hope you'll keep up your blog... wherever you wander...