New adventures afoot...

New adventures afoot...
where in the world...

Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

It was a lovely day, started with a gift in my office topped by a battery-powered candle flickering a warm glow in the darkness.  Then by lunch the word had gotten out to a friend in the IT department, who promptly put a happy birthday wish up on the station scroll, which is broadcast to the entire station via monitors in the galley... so that resulted in plenty more well-wishers through the afternoon.  Then yesterday evening, the carpenter shop had already planned a big party so I had a built-in celebration to go to.  Excellent meat, with some sort of jalapeno rub which reminded me of home, grilled up outside with salty chips and plenty of cold beer on hand... good times were had for sure. 

I do want to add in pictures of what I'm actually doing here instead of just all the fun I'm having after hours... we're here to work, but the human connnections make it all come together.  That'll be in the next post.

Before that, I do have more fun stuff to share... there was an open mic event last weekend, and I actually performed with some folks, singing of all things.  And played the egg, but that's another story.  Tried to upload a clip but I think the movie is too big.  Anyhoo, here's a photo:

Before this internet pass ends, I'll include a couple of links to posts of friends of mine-- one here at the Pole, one from Palmer Station, over on the Antarctic Peninsula below South America.  Check out their photos, they do a great job describing and documenting what goes on down here.  (South Pole) (Palmer Station)

Love to all, more to come--
:) jos


  1. WOOHOO! So glad you've got this going - the girls are excited to see all of the snow. Much love to you, Jos.

  2. Happy birthday, Joselyn!

    We look forward to following your 'wanderings.'

    Jarrett /Caralynn